wonderIce Ice rink hire

Long term Ice Rink Hire

WonderIce is extremely competitive in the long term rental market with its synthetic ice rinks. Our long term rental rinks are available from upwards of 14 days and we are happy to undertake semi-permanent installations. As a rule of thumb, the longer that an ice rink is in situ, the more competitive the weekly rate becomes. This is because a lot of the cost is in the installation and dismantling.

When it comes to long term hire we offer various options. Rinks are available in variety of sizes from 100sqm right up to a full size ice hockey pitch.

DRY HIRE – This is the most common option. We provide the Super-Glide skating rink, barriers, skates, skates changing benches and onsite maintenance equipment including skate sharpening machine etc… We give YOUR staff full training and we offer full support and on site visits during the event. The benefit to you is that you have full control of your event and you retain all the revenue from your ticket sales.  Another great source of income from long term hire events is to use the barriers as advertising for local businesses who want to support your event.

STAFFED LONG TERM HIRE – This option is in essence the same as above apart from we provide the staff at an additional cost. The benefit to yourselves is a total hassle free event yet you still retain all the monies from your ticket sales and the advertisements around the barriers.

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