wonderIce Ice rink hire

Questions & Answers

What is Super-Glide Synthetic Ice?

A Super-Glide Synthetic ice skating surface is composed of specially engineered polymers that allow an ice skating blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice.. The panels are ice blue to look at so when installed the skating surface has a seemless finish that actually looks like real ice.

Each panel measures 122cm x 244cm (96in x 48in) and weighs approximately 36kg (80lbs) and snap together using seemless technology that cuts out any risk of expansion or contraction caused by the differing weather conditions.

What Rinks sizes do we supply?

WonderIce can supply Super-Glide skating rinks in any size at all from a small 8m x 8m childrens attraction right through to a full size ice hockey pitch with all the ice hockey markings. so what your event we will have a rink to fit your requirements.

What are the most popular sizes?

For short term hire our most requested sizes are 10m x 10m, 10m x 12m, 12m x 12m, 10m x 15m and for long term hire most requested sizes are 10m x 20m and 10m x 22m

A 10m x 10m rink will accommodate 33 skaters per session, 10m x 12m rink will accommodate 40 skaters per session, 12m x 12m rink will accommodate 48 skaters per session, 10m x 15m rink will accommodate 50 skaters per session, 10m x 20m rink will accommodate 67 skaters per session and 10m x 22m rink accommodating 75 skaters per session .

For long term hire we can supply both small and large rinks to suit the specific event you are planning, but please call us and chat through your plans and we will be pleased to advise and help.

What Type of Surface can the Rink be installed on?

The rinks need to be installed onto a flat, firm and level surface. Tarmac or concrete are ideal. If we are to be installing the rink onto a softer or uneven surface the client needs to provide a sub floor (generally butt jointedwooden flooring). We want to give you the best skating surface possible so it will look like real ice and feel like real ice and real is flat and this is the reason we require a firm flat surface on which to install your rink.

What Does the Client need to supply?

All we need is access to both power and water so we can clean the rink after installation and at the end of each day. Power is also needed for any music or lighting requirements that individual clients have. If the rink will be in situ overnight, the client must provide adequate security during non operational hours.

How long does installation take?

This depends upon the rink size. However as a guideline a 10m x 10m rink will take approximately 2.5-3.5 hours. 12m x 12m and 10m x 15m rink will take approximately 4 hours. For rinks larger than this we like to allow up to 1 day!